Residents Learn Custodial Services Stops Providing Trash Bags

Custodial services not giving students trash bags has been a confusing surprise to some students.

“It was not our decision to stop giving students trash bags,” said Jon Milton, graduate assistant who works for resident life.

Trash bags had been available through custodial service ABM, according to Joseph Oden, assistant vice president Enrollment Management & Student Affairs. Recently, ABM reviewed its contract and determined that supplying students with trash bags is not part of the contract, Oden said.

“I wish ABM would have let us know before the semester started so we could add it to the list of items to bring,” Oden said.

Regarding conditions in the dorms, Milton said State has not had any confirmed cases of mold, only mildew.

“We need the occupants to do their job,” Oden said.

He advised that residents should make sure the fan is on when they shower, and they should keep their air-conditioning properly set.

Student Affairs is trying to work on the appearance of Dawson Hall, according to Oden.

“We added new washers and dryers in Dawson,” Oden said.

“They work really well,” said Emily Smith, resident of Dawson Hall.

Some emergency exit maps in Dawson are faded and not very legible, according to Smith.

“We need to fix those; we are addressing that,” Oden said, who added that it’s going to take some time.

“When we need something fixed, we go to an RA or Director Derrien William,” said Charlinda Colbert, resident of Keith Hall.

Maintenance comes to fix problems quickly when notified, according to Milton.

“When my AC was broken, it was fixed in one day,” said Smith.

Not all students have had that experience, Smith said.

“The first week of this semester, we notified the maintenance about our toilet not working; it is still not fixed, and it’s October,” Colbert said. “To get the toilet to flush, you have to mess with it.”

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