Passion for Texas Longhorns inspires ‘Stinger’ to buzz around WVSU campus

Self-proclaimed ‘goofy dude’ doesn’t hold back when entertaining the crowds

As most familiar with WVSU culture knows, “Stinger” is a ubiquitous presence around campus, playing a crucial role in livening up football games, entertaining fans and revving up team spirit. 

In this exclusive YJ Online interview, Stinger talks about how a childhood love of the Texas Longhorns led to becoming West Virginia State’s school mascot. 

Yellow Jacket: Would you say that it is a big privilege to be in your suit?

Stinger: “It’s a big privilege, because the mascot is branded everywhere on campus. It is kind of a legacy type of thing.”

YJ: How do you come up with all of those moves on the football field? 

Stinger: “Honestly, it is just my personality. I am just a goofy dude.”

YJ: Do you think that plays into the role of being a mascot? 

Stinger: “Yeah, people have told me that being the mascot really fits me.”

YJ: How did you get the role?

Stinger: “I asked.” 

YJ: What was your first game like?

Stinger: “My very first game was in high school. When the football team was getting ready, I was, like, ‘OK, let me do something stupid.’ So, as I was walking out, I was dancing and everybody in the stadium was freaking out. That’s when I figured out I could make something out of this.”

YJ: What led to you to become the mascot, because it is a really difficult job to have?

Stinger: “When I was three, I always loved watching the Texas Longhorns games, and I saw the little bull, the bull mascot. And I was like, ‘I want to be that guy. I don’t want to be nobody else.’ He was just different.”

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