Mint makes finances easy

This blog is about great resources to help you balance school and life. Please comment or ask questions. — Erica Workman — YJ Staff Writer

Are you someone with a job who needs help
budgeting? Hate having to pay bills separately? Just want some financial
advice to help you save money? Then you need Mint, from the makers of

Mint is a financial budgeting website and app available in Google Play and the
App Store. Sign up for free and link all your financial accounts.

Forget to send in a check for this month’s electric bill? No need to worry. Link
your bills through Mint. You can pay them anytime (or schedule your payment) and receive reminders on the due date.

You can pay through your checking account free of charge, but a small
fee applies for credit/debit card payment. Other benefits: free credit score,
insurance and loan price match, and recommendations based on your activity
to help you save money.

All personal data is securely kept. Login information is encrypted and
stored in a separate database. For more security, if your stolen/lost then you can remove mobile access, completely delete the account, or change your password.


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