I love the First Amendment and the new Yellow Jacket

I adore the First Amendment. Freedom of speech, the foundation of our democratic system.

It’s essential to all of us for the free flow of information, unfettered and robust. It’s how we learn. How we ensure our voice is heard. How we know.

That’s why I’m disappointed in all of us at State who profess to love the First Amendment. We’re not walking our talk.

For years we have tolerated the absence of viable student media. Oh, there were a few hundred Yellow Jacket newspapers printed. Inconsistently. I dare say most students didn’t know they had a college newspaper. Or supported one through their fees.

It’s not always been that way. Just a few years ago the Yellow Jacket was a consistent, steadily printed publication your peers produced. A good read every month.

All of us who are the meager but passionate staff of the new YJ or Yellow Jacket online aim to change things despite hurdles such as zero staff when the semester began.

Beginning today we are restarting your student media. We moved online, where you are. It won’t be perfect at first. It will be our best effort to give you a voice. To provide objective reporting on things that matter to you. Be student focused.

You can join us.

Read us. Share us. Comment. Raise your voice. Hold us accountable for being your student managed, student produced media. Or join our staff.

That is if you truly are a fan, like me, of our greatest right. The First Amendment.

— Prof. Joe Long of the Communications Department is a veteran PR professional and former newspaper editor and reporter.

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About The YJ Staff

Our mission is to provide news and information for students, created by their peers. To be a strong voice for all students. To connect students living on campus and those who commute. Our staffers are volunteers, passionate about creating this new form of student media. All of us work for you. We are accountable to you.
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