I’ll miss my State family, says December grad

Portia Smith (English major, Spanish minor) with daughter
Ahleeyah Smith

I have grown since I started classes at State in August of 2014.

I was going through a phase. I wanted to be away from all the problems I was facing. Depressed. I wanted something to do. Something important to do. Something to make a difference.

Coming from the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, I was able to make WVSU my home. Where I met my best friends and awesome professors. Professors who actually cared.

State was where Angels Inspired, my non-profit for children started, and great people gave us a try. Stood behind us. Where opportunities happened.

It wasn’t an easy three and a half years. There was plenty of hard work and dedication. Days and nights trying to balance running a company, taking care of family and keeping grades at a top-notch level.

There were moments when I wanted to give up. And moments when I worked harder, was stronger and pushed myself to my limits.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Yellow Jacket. I never thought that I would miss this place. But I honestly will. I will miss the awesome people that made up my family away from the Caribbean. My brothers, sisters, mamas, dads. My State family.

Thank you Yellow Jacket nation for the journey.

I thank everyone who assisted me at WVSU and specifically Dr. Timothy Alderman, my advisor. Jack Bailey, a former professor and Ms. Sharon Banks, a mentor to everyone. They are special people. Words cannot express my gratitude but if they were to ever need me, I will drop everything to help them.

Thank you Yellow Jacket nation for the journey. It’s time for the start of something new. It was a pleasure.

— Portia Smith is a December graduate in English, with a Spanish minor.

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Yvette Thomas
Yvette Thomas
5 years ago

Congrats! you have done us all proud. – my parents are Vincies too