Thor: Ragnarok Rocks Through Its Music and Comedy

By Trinity Mullins
YJ Staff Writer

With style as strong as 1980’s hair metal bands, Thor: Ragnarok comes in rocking strong. The third installment of Marvel’s Thor films has a new vibe with added humor and sense of sarcasm.

All the strongholds of the series return, such as Thor, Loki and Odin, but new characters such as Valkyrie and The Grandmaster are introduced.

Old time Avenger member The Hulk also plays a major return role.

Ragnarok shines through with its soundtrack — 80’s electronic music with the vibes of Tron. Any Stranger Things or Daft Punk fan will feel right at home with the marvelous and pop culture strong soundtrack.

The plot of the film really stands out from the previous two Thor installments and bridges the gaps within the Marvel Universe, connecting each of the films for the upcoming Infinity War installments.

The cinematography is wonderful, giving new life and looks at old locations and helping make the new ones make themselves memorable. Even a planet full of galactic trash is vibrant and interesting.

The locations are interesting. Character development keeps things interesting as well. As expected, issues continue to evolve with adopted brothers Thor and Loki. However, the much anticipated focal point of The Hulk does not disappoint. His screen time shines through with a side of Hulk that many fans have been missing. His toddler like tantrums are a breath of fresh air and a strong point of humor.

Jeff Goldbloom amuses as the new character, The Grandmaster, ever quipped with a snark.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok breathes fresh air into the Thor films and opens up to comedy within the action film. It’s a must see for any Marvel fan. Oh, stay for both after credits scenes. You won’t regret it. They rock, too.

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