Make That 6 in a Row

By Jeff Petty, YJ sports editor
MEC foe Urbana came to Institute Saturday with a record of 3-15 overall. The Yellow Jackets have been on a winning streak since Jan. 11. So, to many, this should be an easy one.

What people fail to remember is the most dangerous teams in sports are those with nothing to lose. The first half backed up this claim.

The momentum was back and forth between both squads. State hit 35% of its shots inside the arch. Urbana was hitting 53% from inside. Going into half-time, State had a 1-point lead over the Blue Knights, 37-36.

The Yellow Jackets face Glenville State at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Walker Convocation Center.

Then the Yellow Jackets erupted in the second half with Pat Johnson-Agwu finishing the night by going 12-14 from inside the arch and 4-5 from beyond it. Robert Fomby finished the night with a double-double — 13 rebounds and 29 points. The Jackets increased their shooting by 13% inside the arch and by 10% from the free throw line.

The Jackets won the game 94-79, improving to 12-7 overall and 10-4 in conference play. State’s sixth win in a row moved them into third in the conference standings.

On the Blue Knights side of the ball four players finished the night with double digit point totals. Malik Jacobs lead Urbana with 18 points in total.

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