Which Professor Lived on a Sailboat?-Guess The Professor

1. I received my bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University (1986) and my master’s degree from Marshall University Graduate School (2004). I have traveled to many countries such as India, Spain, Japan and China. My favorite to visit being Australia. I have one daughter, and I help out with a cat rescue. There are often many kitties living gin my home. If I had time, I would love to read more and take hikes. Can you guess the professor?

2. I graduated in 2016 from West Virginia State University. I was a member of SGA as well as Student Veterans of America. While in school, I worked as a tutor on campus and a pharmacy tech at Drug Emporium. I enjoy outdoor activities and am an Atlanta Braves fan. Some of my favorite places I’ve traveled to are Wake Island and Thailand. I have four children. When I was in first grade, I lived on a sailboat in Key Largo. Can you guess the professor?

3. In 1991 I graduated from Marshall University with a master’s degree. While there, I worked at the candy counter in the student union and as a host at varies restaurants in Huntington. I have been backstage at many concerts. My extended family and I love visiting Disney Parks. One year I was awarded ‘Professor of the Year’ here at WVSU. I also helped boost a country music singers’ career. Can you guess the professor?

Answers: Professor Karen Kail, Professor Vasilios Dianellos, Professor Kim Cobb

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