Which Professor is from Norway?-Guess The Professor

  1. All of my undergraduate degrees are from Norway, and my PhD is from Ohio University. I have a son and a grandson. In my free time I enjoy kayaking, watching films, and painting. I love to go back to visit my home country. Otherwise, my favorite place to visit is Colombia. Something unique that I can do is touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. Can you guess the Professor?

2. I’ve graduated from University of Colorado (BA), Penn State University (MA), and Middle Tennessee State University (DA). While in college, I worked in the Chi Omega sorority as a good server. I like to cook and grow vegetables. I’ve been able to meet John Nash, West Virginia’s Noble Prize economist. I grew up in Colorado Springs, and my wife is from Michigan, so we like to travel to those two states. I like to keep up with the football and wrestling teams at Penn State. I’ve loved golf since I was a child. I study gold architecture and have played at 100 of the 115 golf courses in West Virginia. Can you guess the Professor?

3. I am a graduate from the University of Charleston (BA) and Redford University (MA). I played two years for college baseball. I have won the Carl Calvert Memorial Sports Medicine Award at the University of Charleston. I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Reds. I like watching NASCAR, lawn work, grilling, and swimming. I have two daughters. I have been a practicing athletic trainer for 23 years. Can you guess the Professor?

Answers: Dr. Reidun Øvrebø, Dr. Mark Wilson, Professor Jay Canterbury

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