State’s Kaleb Talbott Enjoys Covering Local News for WSAZ

Kaleb Talbott, a videographer at WSAZ News and communications major at State, is responsible for recording and editing news video and audio for the station.

Doing this job, Talbott said he meets and interviews all kinds of interesting new people.

Talbott said the job can be challenging because he has a limited amount of time, but he enjoys every second of it.

Talbott said he has to be careful at times because he covers emergency situations, such as car wrecks, fires, shootings or other emergencies worthy of news coverage. Even though he takes precautions when he’s sent out to emergencies, he said he’s never felt he was n danger.

Talbott said working at WSAZ has been a great opportunity. He said he’s worked for WSAZ for only a few months, but he hopes it can lead to a full-time position after he receives his degree at WVSU.

“I am currently two years out from graduation, so I have a long way to go, but I feel very lucky to have gotten this opportunity so early in the game and am very excited to see what it leads to,” Talbott said.

Talbott said he expects eventually to work in film, but he has gained respect and love for TV news at WSAZ.

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