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It seems that online schooling at State may be here for a while. With schools across West Virginia already canceling public participation, and flu season just around the corner, things may be going virtual longer than expected.

For some, this is a positive. The risk of spreading the virus decreases drastically, and students won’t have to worry about leaving their homes to go to class. For others, this is a negative. Many students have expressed that they feel they aren’t learning as much as they should.

Some students said network connection issues have been a problem, with Zoom meetings not working like they should. Other students said they are struggling with the disorganization of emailed instructions.

Sophomore Grace Christian said, “I just prefer in-class schooling so much more. It’s easier to keep track of things, and I don’t miss due dates as much.”

Christian has been quarantined the past week due to a family member contacting COVID-19. This has required her to participate in online schooling once again this year.

“Ever since I’ve been quarantined, this semester has fallen apart. It’s so much harder to keep up with classes over email,” Christian said.

Christian said, “Every time I do Zoom meetings, it seems I have connection issues. I either can’t see the video or can’t hear the audio.”

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