State Senior, Nicole Smith’s D.C. Dreams

After graduation, Nicole Smith, a senior at State said she plans on moving to Washington, D.C., and attending Howard University to obtain a degree in Law. She said, “Three things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime are: becoming an attorney, beginning a mentor program, and helping juveniles rehabilitate.”

Smith said her best memory at State, is the Adopt A Child event that Nyansa holds every year.  She said, “During this event we have different organizations donate gifts for a student who has a child on campus in order to fulfill the child’s Christmas wish list.” Smith also said these parties bring joy to everyone that is involved.

Smith said she will miss the staff the most. “The criminal justice professors are great. They are always willing to help and understanding. And the student support staff are the reason for me getting through school.”

She said, “I regret not taking my general education classes as seriously as I should’ve. Because of that it made my cumulative GPA low and I am still working at bring it up. I would love to graduate cum laude and right now I have a 3.3.”

Smith said she would tell her freshman self to stay focused and study better. She said, “My advice to freshman will be to take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Make sure you have great time management.”

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