Jackets For Jesus: A Way to Build a Relationship with God and Your Community

Jackets For Jesus allows students to explore their faith in God while being in an environment that builds relationships among other students and their community.

It is one of three faith-based organizations on campus. The student organization was founded by Kanawha Valley Church. Evangelist Rich Bartoli, a minister at Kanawha Valley Church, oversees all Jackets For Jesus discussions and activities.

Jackets For Jesus offers a weekly bible discussion at 12:30 p.m. on Thursdays in the Student Center Lounge. Nonmembers can participate in the weekly discussions.

Group leaders said the mission of Jackets For Jesus is to bring students together in a safe environment to build lasting relationships with other students and also to connect them to something bigger than themselves.

“In my opinion our organization’s future looks really bright,” he said. “God has done so many amazing things, he will continue to do them here at State. Studying the Bible with others is incredible, and it’s great to see people wanting to change to get closer with God and with others”, Diamontae Lassiter, a member of Jackets for Jesus, said.

Those interested in joining Jackets for Jesus or wanting more information can contatct Cody Lawhon at (304)-989-3220.

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