Commentary: ‘Trust Me’ Can Have Consequences

By the time the average student gets to college, he or she more than likely has heard the phrase “trust me” more times than they could count. 

Some people think it may be peer pressure that causes young adults to end up in situations where hearing the phrase “trust me” leads to a “next-thing-I-know” moment when these young adults are in situations they were simply unprepared for. The ability to make decisions freely is a dangerous tool for many 20-year-old college students, but most of the time it provides for a good story. 

“One of my friends asked me if I would ride back home with them for the weekend,” said senior Embreya Ballard. 

“I was hesitant at first, but I did not want to stay on campus that weekend, and all my friends kept saying was ‘trust me, it will be fun,’” Ballard said. “About an hour into the drive, I had fallen asleep; next thing I know, the car started to shake back and forth until my friend pulled to the side of the road to discover two flat tires, both on the passenger’s side. 

“As we waited for a tow truck, all I could think about was the fact I could have stayed at school in bed,” Ballard said. 

“There have been multiple occasions I have experienced that caused the trust between another and myself to cease,” junior Tiffany Tyler said. 

“… I needed to get home for winter break, and a peer and I were going to carpool to the bus station together. Throughout the entire day, we were on the same page, but next thing I knew, I was left on the side of the road with all of my belongings. 

“I ended up missing my bus and having to pay extra to make sure I could get home. Situations as such cause me to be careful of who I call my friends and to always have a backup plan,” Tyler said.

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