Center’s Tutors Help Students Navigate Academics

The Learning Enrichment Center is where students can walk in and receive tutoring in subjects ranging from math, science, business, psychology and more. The services in the Learning Enrichment Center are free of charge to WVSU students.

Sarah Ward-King is a former student who graduated in May 2019. She began working in the Learning Enrichment Center three years ago. She said she remains working in the learning Enrichment Center because of her passion for helping people.

“Nothing can describe the feeling that you get when one of your students masters a topic and runs to show you their quiz grade,” Ward-King said.

She said she became a tutor after taking college algebra. Her professor encouraged her to apply.

Most of the tutors in the Learning Enrichment Center are referred by their professors. The student must make an A in that subject. Alana Dorsey or Jade Irving can help anyone who might be interested in a position. The students’ pay rate is $9.50 per hour and $10.50 per hour for tutors with a bachelor’s degree.

Ward-King said she used the tutoring services before she graduated. She said she was in there every day for accounting as well as attending the SI sessions for the class. She advised students not to feel shy or alone.

“I can promise that we have all needed help at least once,” Ward-King said. “It’s easy to stand in front of a board and teach a subject, but that isn’t what makes a good tutor,” she said.

“You must care about the grade like it’s your own, and you must empathize with your students.

“Sometimes, you’re their last hope at keeping their scholarship or staying on their sports team. They’re coming to you down in the dumps and anxious, so be someone that they can talk to and show them you care,” she said.

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