What’s Happening With Mr. State

Cedrick Farmer, Mister State, has been a huge part of State’s campus since he was a child and is making his voice heard all over campus.

Originally, Farmer was a music education major but changed to vocal performance when he realized his dreams of being a professional performer was a reality. “I would like to teach in the future, but I would regret it if I didn’t try to achieve my dream”

Farmer loves having the opportunity to perform with the Charleston Light Opera Guild. This semester, Farmer has portrayed Pepper in “Mamma Mia.” Last semester, he performed as Sebastian the crab in “The Little Mermaid.” “I have a passion for Musical Theatre and the vocal performance is preparing me for the vocal side of musical theater.”

Farmer’s favorite class he has taken at State is Instrumental Conducting. “My passion is Vocal Performance, but there’s nothing like standing on stage conducting a majestic piece. When you have a baton in your hand it feels powerful”.

Mr. State, Cedrick Farmer

Farmer knows it is important to be involved and has joined different clubs throughout his career at State. Farmer is active in NAfME, Student Support Services, Student Access Advocates, Choices Peer Educators, and many more. “I’ve met most of my peers through joining clubs. Joining a club forces you to open up and get to know some people you would never talk to.”

Farmer believes the college experience is important, “If you’re not involved on campus you are letting your college experience slip away.”

Farmer is expected to graduate this year and thinking about a few different graduate programs including NYU and Juilliard. With big dreams, and talent to match, it’s clear he wants to get the most out of life and his opportunities.

Farmer has been a student worker on campus for almost four years. He says he will miss his colleagues the greatest. “The employees have made me feel welcomed and have given me the upmost respect. They did not make me feel like a student worker, they made me feel like an equal.”

A piece of advice Farmer would give to all freshman would be, “Get to know people while you are here. You can have the best grades, but without people skills you won’t make it really far.”

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