State’s PRSSA Organization reaching for San Diego

By Austin Gessel for the YJ

Members of WVSU PRRSA Courtesy of Austin Gessel

Public Relations Student Society of America is always doing exciting events for its members. This year is no different as they are planning to attend the PRSA convention in San Diego in September or October.

Hopefully, all members will be able to attend. “ There’s no set money goal but we would like to raise enough to register all members for the conference in San Diego” said Jordan Bonnett, the Firm Director of WVSU PRSSA, “Over the weekend there would be different learning seminars speakers furthering our education in PR.”

“It’s a learning experience for anyone who gets the chance to go, that’s why we do so many fundraisers,” said Drew Petroff, Secretary of WVSU PRSSA, “ You get to see so many big names in the public relations field. You build bridges.”

“We went to Austin,Tx last year and we met people and built bridges, and I learned a lot in the workshops. Workshops can teach you particular skills in a certain area.” I learnt about crisis management- how to deal with it, looking ahead of future crisis’s and how to prepare”, according to Petroff.

On Valentine’s Day, PRSSA had a table out in the Wilson Student Union building selling raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes. All the money earned will go towards the San Diego trip.

WVSU PRSSA’s Valentine’s Day Raffle Table Photo Courtesy of Austin Gessel

PRSSA will be having more upcoming fundraisers to reach their goal for everyone to attend the conference in San Diego.

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