SGA Meeting: Seawell Opposes State Consolidation, Elections Planned

Editors Note – Several events in this report are today or soon because the minutes of the previous meeting Aug. 12 were made available until last night.

Elections, events and a controversial proposal to combine State with other universities were discussed at the first meeting of the Student Government Association Wednesday evening.

Board of Governors Consider Consolidation
Baigen Seawell, Board of Governors Student Representative, said there is an open session of the BOG beginning at 12:30 today. Students may attend. The governing body is reviewing a proposal to combine the governing board of State with three other universities — WVSU, Bluefield State College, Concord University and Glenville State College. Seawell stressed that she felt this idea was a bad one and that she was going to push against it for the sake of her fellow students.

Her biggest concern was that we will lose our individualization and our identity as an HBCU since only WVSU and Bluefield State are HBCU’s and the others are not.

The board approved a nursing program in August, possibly beginning next year.

Vacancies Remain For Student Senate
Vice President Miranda Dixon said 16 students  applied to participate in upcoming student senate elections for 12 spots.  SGA would like a larger pool of candidates If positions become vacant unexpectedly. To apply you must fill out the application, submit two letters of support from a member of the faculty, administration, staff, and/or a former member of the SGA executive cabinet.

You can find the applications online on the SGA page (link found under the menu in the Current Students section of the website). Deadline for the Senate applications is Sept. 24.

SGA Chief Hearing Examiner, Jae’Von McClain said that everything is ready to go for the special election today. This election will fill any vacant positions  not filled last year.

President Brandon Martinez said the position for Treasurer, once held by Chanell Wesley, is now vacant. Until the position is filled,  until each cabinet member will be taking on certain responsibilities of the treasurer.

Activities Coordinator Embreya Ballard plans an organization meeting on Sept. 10. Ballard said the previous meeting went well and was well attended, however, she has received quite a few questions since and therefore wants to use this second meeting to clarify anything that was misunderstood at the previous meeting. Ballard has also, been hard at work planning activities for the WVSU students but wishes to have the detailS pinned down before releasing most of them.

SGA is planning on having WVSU’s first Spirit Week the first week of October. A pep rally is also in the works for Thursday, Oct. 4.

Aug. 12 Meeting Minutes
SGA President Brandon Martinez and State President Jenkins met Aug. 9 and discussed transportation to away games. And he said a “Meet the Cabinet” Forum for students, the revising of the SGA Constitution and Handbook, as well as, the creation of a new SGA Logo are planned. The release of the new logo is set for a projected release date at the end of September.

Martinez said he had a discussion with President Jenkins on improving public safety on campus and the start of workshops and informational seminars for students. SGA will help appoint cabinet members to the multiple University committees so students have a voice in practically every decision.

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