Sada Baby to perform in Fleming Gym

By K. Rakell for the YJ

Video Courtesy of Sada Baby and World Star Hip Hop

A concert is scheduled to in held at State’s Fleming Gym on April 13, 2019. Sada Baby, an upcoming Detroit rapper is the headline act. Sada Baby’s top viewed video on Youtube has over 37 million views.

WVSU NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), a student organization on State’s campus, is responsible for making this happen. WVSU NAACP is a student organization that has recently been involved in generating numerous new events on campus. The organization has 28 members filled with creative minds when it comes to planning and organizing events on campus. WVSU NAACP has already started three traditions this school year: The State Expo, The NAACP Induction Ceremony, and the Scares and Screams Haunted House.

Janee Lewis, an active member of WVSU NAACP, said, “At first it was just an idea. We were discussing State’s past traditions in a NAACP meeting, and we were trying to decide which traditions we could bring back. A member gave an idea of having a concert. At first we laughed, but then we realized this is something that State used to do, so we decided to try and have another concert and bring back the tradition.”

In fact, these students are right. It was a tradition for State to have performances by rappers, including Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent and T.I. A concert at State has not happened in over seven years.

WVSU NAACP has been planning this concert since January, along with organizing other numerous events on campus. Lewis said, “A lot has gone into planning this concert, from choosing a performer to designing tickets. We chose SadaBaby because he is new, up coming artist that many of our peers look up to because he doesn’t rap about the same things that are typically talked about in this generation. He had a rough past but he is someone who has reshaped his future for the better. Therefore, we believe he would be the perfect artist for this concert.”

SadaBaby is widely known in many of the states that comprises our State family. This concert could serve as a recruiting tool to help bring more out-of-state students to this institution. Lewis said, “ NAACP is excited to bring back a tradition and plans to continue this tradition in the years to come.”

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