Homecoming’s Coming Up!

State’s Homecoming is scheduled to begin Thursday, Oct. 3, and last until the end of Saturday, Oct. 5, and its planning committee is ecstatic.

According to Belinda Fuller, director of Alumni Relations and head of the homecoming planning committee, planning for Homecoming began when last year’s celebration ended.

The committee is made up of a mix of students and staff recommended by Fuller and approved by State President Anthony L. Jenkins, but more students and staff are brought into the planning as needed for help or volunteering, Fuller said.

Homecoming will feature award ceremonies, Young Alumni Mixer, golf outing, parade, boat ride — the first to take place for State’s Homecoming in more than  20 years — and much more. Turnout for this Homecoming is expected to be the highest in seven years. Fuller said.

The parade changes a little each year but usually includes the band, sports teams, the royal court, the choir and local participants, such as the fire department. The boat ride will be one of the last events. It is scheduled for 8 p.m. Oct. 5.

“I’m most excited about bringing the boat,” Fuller said, “but also about the excitement of the alums, award winners and reunions.”

This year’s homecoming will take place at the Charleston Marriott, with rooms priced at $129 per night, though other places to stay are available.

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