Upcoming Art Exhibit ‘Weird Sisters’ to Showcase Women’s Work

“Weird Sisters,” an exhibition of Mixed Multimedia by a group of women artists from the Charleston area, is scheduled to open Sept. 23 in Davis Hall.

The exhibition will feature artists Ashley Hoey, Jamie Miller, Debra Rayhill and Elizabeth Turner.

Zach Fitchner

 “The paintings, drawings and mixed media works you see feature/celebrate the essence of women in ways unique to each artist’s vision,” Assistant Professor and Gallery Director Zach Fitchner said. “The grouping of artworks reads like one collective voice while simultaneously emphasizing uniqueness and individuality.”

“The College of Arts and Humanities at State is deeply engaged in each department’s respective discipline. We are active contributors to our fields of study, and we strive to provide our students with the best education that can be had.”

Discussing State’s approach to art and education, Fitchner said, “The majority of our faculty are full-time, permanent employees, so we’re completely focused on our students’ success. The Art Department is constantly trying to find new ways to improve our student-centered approach to teaching and retaining students.”

“Our department frequently updates our courses and course materials to stay up to date with current trends, and we’re always on the lookout for new materials and techniques to introduce to our pupils.”

Fitchner said State provides some students unique opportunities to work at places like the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, and it hosts well-known artists on campus

“We host exhibitions by nationally recognized artists, participate in community projects like the Outings Project and volunteer at events like WVSU Cares Day,” Fitchner said. “We change class times to make sure we’re accommodating students with different schedules, and we’re very welcoming of students from all majors. We genuinely want to make getting a degree in the arts rewarding, enjoyable and accessible.”

Fitchner offered advice for growing or aspiring artists. “It may sound silly, but my advice is to just try — try your hardest,” he said. “Many people I speak to about art assume that all artists are naturally gifted, and it’s just not true. The most successful artists are the ones that try, fail and persevere.”

“Make art that isn’t for a grade. Make art because you enjoy it and because you want to give the world new content.”

For more information, contact the office for Arts and Humanities.

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