Student Support Services Offers Guidance In Several Ways

No matter what part of the semester you are in, whether it be the beginning or the end, students can get stressed out for many different reasons.

Perhaps you are new at State and need some advice because you aren’t sure what classes to take. Or maybe it’s because you don’t understand how to properly manage your financial aid.

Student Support Services is here to help. Located on the second floor of Sullivan Hall, Student Support Services includes Krystal Tolliver, director of the federally supported TRIO programs, and other professionals ready to provide a helping hand.

TRIO assists students who are either first generation college students or eligible for a Pell Grant. TRIO supports students as they settle into college life, Tolliver said. Services include academic support, she said.

“We provide tutoring in any of the core classes, and we also help students with FAFSA,” Tolliver said. “So what our academic specialist do is work with the students to help connect them with people or programs that may give them opportunities for internships, so it’s more than just tutoring.”

Tolliver said the TRIO program can provide support for students, such as workshops to help students build professional relationships with their instructors so they can be successful in their classes.

Tolliver said the program also arranges cultural activities and “out-of-state cultural trips for our students who are interested in graduate school.” She said students get to participate in events that will be culturally enriching.

She said the U.S. Department of Education funds the program. Student Support Services is on the second floor of Sullivan Hall.

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