Senior Senator: Janel Williamson

By Angelica Willis for the YJ

Janel Williamson Senior Student Senator

Newly elected senior senator uses her voice. Senior Janel Williamson was elected senior senator last week, as obstacles came her way, she wasn’t shy of speaking out against injustice.

Williamson ran for senior senator, as over 10 vacancies where needed to be filled. The student government association at West Virginia State University is currently a “Defunct” government as no students applied for senator positions.

In order to maintain the SGA, there must be 12 senators between the classes and colleges to be able to vote on budgets throughout the academic year.

She is majoring in criminal justice, and with justice, as her field of study, she couldn’t let anything slip by her.

Williamson says, “I believe that the students need a voice and to do so, they need to work with the faculty to make changes or make their voice known.” 

An email was sent out to all current seniors to vote and Williamson’s name was missing on the ballot against the other candidate. She immediately contacted the SGA to fix the correction so it would give her a fair chance to win.

The SGA fixed the google doc file, a new email wasn’t sent to notify the seniors of the previous error on the ballot. Williamson then took matters into her own hands.

“There was one obstacle and I overcame it by taking the proper steps and standing up for what I believe was right. I think one should not back down from what they believe. Campaigns like this shouldn’t be based on popularity.” Says Williamson.

Janel Williamson’s Campaign Poster

In order to run for a senator position, one must fill out the proper documentation. Get it signed by the registrar’s office to confirm that they’re GPA meets the qualifications.

Candidates are also required to create a flyer, get it stamped and approved. Then campaign on campus during election week. “I believe I campaigned fair as far as the other candidate. As far as how to campaign on campus, it takes several steps and to get everything approved.”

“When a friend of mine told me that I won, I was very surprised because I did not think that I would because of me standing up for myself. After winning and everyone telling me congratulations I felt like my campaigning process was successful”.

Williamson has started her term off proving she is up for the job. We look forward to see what else she can bring to the table this year. In hopes of being an example for students to stand up for themselves.

Janel Williamson dressed as Stinger the Yellow Jacket Mascot


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