Johnson Worthy Role Model for All of Us

By Brandi Bricker

Of all the notable figures that State has churned out over the course of its existence, there is none more impactful on American history than Katherine Johnson.

She broke so many barriers it is hard to compete in comparison.

Not only was she the first African American woman to attend WVU, but she was the first woman to participate in NASA engineering.

Without her impressive skills in mathematics, America would never have put a man on the moon. Ahead of her time and an inspiration to all, Katherine Johnson trail blazed the way for woman of all races to succeed in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Everything that NASA (National Aeronautic Space Administration) has accomplished to date all rests on her innate ability to calculate.

With all her notable accomplishments to scientific change, the University has wisely chosen to denote a statue in her esteemed honor. As Yellow Jackets, we should all be proud to follow in her footsteps. Her life is a reminder that barriers will always exist, but that should not keep you from pursuing your passion.

We, too, can do the impossible. No matter our times, race or gender. Katherine Johnson is living proof of that. The statue will stand forever near the Cole Complex building in the hope that all who see it remember her esteemed contribution and are inspired to follow suit.

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