Comprehensive Education Reform Legislation Rushing Change

By Brian K. Shuster for the YJ

Courtesy of CNN and ABC

West Virginia legislation titled “SB 451” or Comprehensive Education Reform will make significant changes to the state school system.

For the first time, it would permit for-profit charter schools in West Virginia where professionals do not have to be certified to teach.

The bill also includes “Education Savings Accounts”, vouchers given to parents of upwards of $3,200 annually per child to provide them with educational services.

Another section requires educators to re-agree that union dues can be deducted anually from their paychecks.

Along with these issues, the bill is plagued with changes and ideas that could put a lot of the West Virginian education system at stake.

The bill was rushed through the Senate by the Republican Party, even though it was largely criticized by teachers and their unions. It is now before House subcommittees.

Teacher unions have authorized a work stoppage if necessary.

Link to Bill

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